"Find and Live Your Purpose by Breaking Through Years of Emotional Imprisonment and Unleashing Your True Masculine Power"

 “Gained a clearer picture of what life’s been calling me to do and gained a better, stronger focus in just a few days of working on Ivan’s advice and expertise. Self-awareness up a big notch!” – Dan, UK

 Dear Friend,

You are in the right place here if the following issues are bothering you:

  1. The corona crisis has impacted you life and you don’t know how to deal with it. It is a difficult time for many of us, and this state of uncertainty brings with it a lot of anxiety and fear.
  2. You feel stuck in life. You are either in a job that you hate and only doing it because of money and/or security. You know that this is not what you want, but you don’t know what else do do.
  3. Feeling of self-doubt. Despite of having reached many milestones in your life, you are still coping with feelings of self-doubt and negative thoughts about yourself.
  4. Lack of motivation, feeling bored or “lazy”. This is a normal phenomenon, when you are doing something that are not really excited about. This fuels negative thoughts, which in turn created more de-motivation and frustration.
  5. You know you want a better life, but…you are afraid of acting because this might endanger the security/income/comfort that you already have. Or you simply don’t believe anymore that a better life is possible (because maybe you have tried to change it in the past).
  6. Your life is good, but you lack a full clarity about your purpose and how to live it. Some men are actually in good positions in their lives, but they are still missing that “spark”, where they know exactly what their purpose is or how to implement it.

Well, my friend, let me tell you that you are not alone! A lot of men are going through a similar experience now!

In my highest opinion, the main reason for these issues, is because you are not living your true purpose in this world.

Let me explain. When our mind is not set to a certain strong goal and is determined to achieve it, it will inevitably fill the “space” with all kinds of random thoughts. And of course, most of them are negative. When you don’t have something greater to aspire to, the brain goes into “security mode”, where it will dismiss all options that are taking you outside of your “safe zone”.

Once you are found your purpose, you will have a completely different life experience. You will:

✅ Wake up every day and can’t wait to start the day 🎉
✅ Be completely happy with your work or business, you don’t feel like it’s work 🥳
✅ Fall in love with life! You are feeling happy and excited most of the time and you are ❤️
✅ Have great friends and great relationships, people gravitate towards you. 🤗
✅ Be able to do things that you have always wanted, such as travel or live in many interesting places and have new experiences.

Now, the first thing you need to ask yourself is why you got in this situation in the first place? In fact, let me make it easy for you and give you the answer.

The reason you are there, is because your MIND brought you there. Throughout our lives, we had a number of defining experiences, we heard things from our parents and our environment and society.

So, in order to get a breakthrough and connect to your true authentic self, who already knows your purpose, you need to get past this conditioning.

This is where I come in! I have been trained in a number of ultra-powerful coaching methods, which I can use to help you break through your old thought patterns.

Initial FREE consultation:

Without going into too much details, I encourage you to get on the phone/Skype with me, so we can together explore the possibilities of transformation and ways in which I can help you to find your purpose and reinvent your life!

To book this now please send me an email at: CONTACT

After the free consultation, if you are completely convinced that I am the right person to help you, you can dive into the real work with me:

Intro Session:

In this full blown 90 minute intro session, you will experience the power of my coaching and even possible breakthroughs. In this session we will together:

  • Dig deep into your unconscious patterns that are preventing you from knowing your purpose and living the life you want
  • Unleash your masculine power and gain courage to take action to reinvent your life, while living your purpose.
  • Learn how to maintain your success by learning some of the most powerful processes of transformation
  • Create a plan for you to follow and further work on changing your inner patterns and to stay connected to your true purpose

Since the intensity level of my sessions is very high and they are very demanding on my part, the full price of a session is $200. Yet, since this is an intro session I want to give you a lower entry threshold to get a first taste of my coaching

Price: €147

Satisfaction Guarantee Policy

Because I am 100% committed to getting you the BEST possible results, I have developed the following Satisfaction Guarantee Policy.

  • Each session should be payed at least 48 hours in advance, unless we have clearly agreed otherwise during our private communication
  • There is no refund on the intro session, since it is meant an an introduction to my method, but in my experience, although some breakthroughs do happen, on average more sessions are needed to address a deeper issue and the results after one session might vary. 
  • For coaching packages, every session that you have canceled 48 hours in advance, will be rescheduled. Part of my coaching agreement is that you commit yourself to the process, this also guarantees the best results for you. Commitment is a large part of my method as it increases the chance for success tremendously as the result depends also on your commitment and motivation. But if you can’t make it for a session and tell me 48 hours in advance we can reschedule it. 

Important disclosures

  • Any questions about the terms and conditions of the refund policy must be resolved with me PRIOR to signing up for the program. Otherwise, the standard policy as described above applies.
  • I emphasize that I’m NOT a therapist. I am a coach and am here to teach you self-help tools that will bring you success (depending on your level of motivation and commitment). For a more detailed difference between a coach and a therapist see: Disclaimer.
  • I have no formal medical training. Complementary healing arts such as EFT/tapping or NLP do not require a license and EFT/tapping or NLP is not a substitute for traditional medical care. Those of us who use the acupressure-based technologies of EFT/tapping in our practice encourage you to get regular medical exams and consult your physician about medical issues.