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The Masculine Freedom Manifesto

We live in an age, where men have become confused. Many men live in a prison. They are imprisoned by their fears, shame and a number of other shackles that are formed throughout their lives growing up. They are put up by their experiences as a child, their upbringing and environment, the society, the culture and religion.  Most of these shackles are deeply hidden and are unnoticed. 

Yet, many of us feel that something is off. 

We go about our daily lives, to our routined jobs, our social lives, our families. We are numbed by our need to survive in this society, to have security. Yet, we can feel that we are not truly living our lives. We just exist.

Some men start asking questions. They start attending seminars on how to be more confident, how to be better with women or in their jobs or businesses. As men, we are taught that we can solve all problems with our heads, by a series of steps that we can carry out. And yet, so many are still lost and confused. They hire coaches who tell them that they need to be more confident and go out and talk to 100s of women to gain this magical power.  

Some men put all their energy into career or business and drown themselves in achieving ever higher peaks of success. 

And yet…they still feel like something is off. 

Something is not right. Somehow, after all these years of working hard on ourselves or our careers, we can’t feel what we initially craved to achieve: a true feeling of aliveness, joy, love and complete freedom.  

It is the true warrior’s quest. A quest of discovering your authentic self as a man. A quest of understanding the difference between societal or psychological conditioning and what is truly important and what makes us alive. It is a journey from the head to the heart, a journey to true Masculine Freedom. 

Do you feel like you are an eternal chase for a fleeting feeling of true happiness, aliveness and fulfilment in your life as a man? Do you feel stuck, confused and don’t know how to get out of your prison? Are you in a job that you don’t really (or really don’t) enjoy? Or stuck in a relationship with someone that you are not truly passionately in love with? Do you live in a place that you feel you have outgrown, but don’t know how to get out of? 

You are not alone! It is an extremely difficult task to see what is holding you back and what thorns from the past are still stuck in your mind and heart that constitute the shackles that keep you imprisoned! 

This is why I created “Masculine Freedom”. This is a place, where we explore the deepest corners of the male psyche and the essence of what it is to be grounded and alive as a man. In our transformational programs we use the most effective tools for digging deep into your belief system and your trauma that is holding you back from living your true purpose as a man. As an NLP practitioner, and EFT and Hypnosis coach, I will stand on your side to assist you in a journey of self-exploration, a voyage to your true authentic self, the discovery of what is truly meaningful to you and how you can use this to create a fulfilling, joyful life. The journey to Mascuine Freedom!

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